Warsaw Review

Earlier in the year, my wing, Wolfe had put forward the idea of a trip to Poland to do some daygame. Soon after I booked a 10-day trip to Warsaw and sorted my hotel – a really good spot not far from the main daygame strip, complete with a rooftop bar, which he had pointed out was an ideal bounce-back location. I had been to Warsaw once before for 5 days in 2019, to try daygame for the first time with a coach. I didn’t get much out of the trip (I did a few awful approaches, got an easy lay then called it quits). I hoped this time would be different. 

In mid-May I set off to Luton airport, unsure what to expect. I’d heard from many guys that Warsaw was a little easier than London and that the girls were more open to daygame. I arrived a little late the first night, but after dropping off my stuff, decided to take a quick lap up towards ye ol’ faithful – Złote Tarasy mall (Warsaw’s equivalent of Oxford Circus, daygame-wise) at about 9PM, and saw plenty of hot girls. I was reminded just how abundant slim, youthful, attractive women are in Warsaw. Within about 30 minutes of leaving my hotel room, I had already seen more girls I felt compelled to approach than I might in 3-4 hours in London. Sounds like hyperbole, but it’s true. 

Below is my thoughts on the city itself, the daygame, the women, etc. For anyone who has already been to Warsaw they’ll probably be nothing new here.

The city itself

Nowy Świat

90% of my trip was spent in the main daygame hotspots – in and around Chmielna, Nowy Świat, Złote Tarasy, the Old Town, Pasaż Wisławy Szymborskiej (the park near the mall), etc. But I did take a couple of short trips out to the suburbs as well to pick up 2 Ukranians I went on dates with. From everything I saw, Warsaw is a very pleasant city. The streets are pretty clean and crime seems low (there’s a sizeable police presence anyway). People are also generally not as aggro as in many parts of London. There is a slower pace of life here. It’s basically a mono-cultural society as well (though obviously there are a lot of Ukrainians here now) which helps in terms of social cohesion. 

The architecture of the city is variable. The Old Town is lovely to walk in and Nowy Swiat is pretty, but as a whole, I found the other bits of Warsaw I saw quite grey / bland. It certainly doesn’t stand out to me in the way many other European cities do, but given its past, this is unsurprising. The main thing in its favour I would say is how peaceful it feels in comparison to the constant hustle and bustle of other EU capitals, London in particular. It’s just nice to walk around without all the vibe-kill factors you get in London (buskers, endless tramps, roadmen, chavs, pikeys, preachers, etc). London can feel quite degenerate in comparison. Also all the hot girls swanning around is good for the vibe. But if you want to go somewhere to not only daygame but also experience some interesting culture / see some impressive sights, I’d probably give Warsaw a miss, personally. Though probably no one reading this gives a fuck about museums and the like. 

Only one small gripe, the customer service in Warsaw can be pretty shit. The attitude of the staff is just a bit….off. They’re not particularly warm or welcoming and I remember feeling the same when I went in 2019. The staff in bars / restaurants in particular can be a little curt and act like they’re doing you a favour when they serve you / sell you something, which is a bit annoying and unnecessary, but I’m sure eventually you’d get used to it if you stayed longer than I did. They probably only do that to the foreigners.

A big plus for Warsaw is how easy to get around. Ubers are super cheap and very prompt, there’s lots of easy public transport options and the daygame areas are completely flat and easily walkable. Food and drink in the city is also very affordable so you can eat out for all your meals quite comfortably if you earn even a half-way decent London salary. 

In this spot you are never more than 5 metres away from a daygamer

Now onto the juicy stuff…

The quality

The quality of women in Poland, on average, seemed significantly higher than the quality of women in the UK. I don’t think anyone can dispute this. It’s the case in Warsaw, and I’m sure it’s the same elsewhere, in Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznań, Lublin and the other smaller cities. You will see a constant flow of girls around a 7/10 level – they have slim bodies, but with ample hips, tits and ass, and pretty faces, but not knockout stunning.

We got breakfast outside on Nowy Świat most days, and usually saw at least 30 girls we wanted to approach in the space of the hour or so that we ate for. They are just everywhere.

The UK-average meanwhile seems to be about a 5/10, or girls who are a true 5/10, but through the power of makeup, fillers etc, appear to be a 6 or 6.5. You do not see a huge amount of overweight girls in Warsaw in the younger cohort, whereas in the UK…. well, we all know where I’m going with that. That’s not to say there aren’t hot girls in London, as of course there are, but the frequency with which you see them is a lot less. It’s also difficult to compare such vastly different cities, but it’s just a few observations I made.

Crucially, in Warsaw, you also see a lot more hot girls walking around solo. This is a major differentiating factor to somewhere like London, where girls often seem anxious to be away from their friends and roam in groups, particularly on weekends. Given Warsaw is much safer than London, this makes sense.

Young Polish and Ukrainian girls (of which there are a lot in Warsaw right now for obvious reasons) care a lot about their appearances. They usually dress well, often combining a nice mix of streetwear and smarter stuff (i.e. a cropped blazer with nice tight jeans showing off their legs). Their makeup is often quite minimal (though of course this is variable and I’m making generalisations, but certainly it’s less compared to girls in the UK) and they often walk with nice posture and grace. They often tow the line nicely between being cute and sexy simultaneously. There is something for everyone here, though if you’re into Asian girls or other races, you won’t find many. 

The daygame

So, without further ado, here are my stats from the trip:

58 approaches 

23 contact details

4 dates

1 lay (actually 2, but I won’t count the other one)

1 near miss (still kicking myself about this)

14 blowouts

General thoughts

I found Warsaw fairly hard, despite what I’d heard about it being easier. I got quite a few nasty blowouts in the first few days (the kind where they scowl and look at you like a beggar with leprosy had approached them) and a lot of flakey numbers. I got much worse reactions from Polish girls, and better from the Ukrainians. I’m not sure if this was because my technique (the stop, and the first 20 seconds of the conversation) was quite sloppy, or because Polish girls just aren’t really into my look. Re: flakey numbers – I guess this wasn’t surprising given my conversations with most of the girls I stopped were pretty subpar. I just generally got the sense that Polish girls just aren’t really keen on me, as a rule, for whatever reason. Even when I did stop them, they weren’t easy to chat with and I often felt I was keeping them there for the sake of it.

What I struggled with most was undoubtedly the level of English in Warsaw. It’s just a bit shit. The Polish girls are generally better at it than the Ukrainians, but it was a struggle. I found it hard to have interesting and engaging conversations with girls for this reason. I held myself back a little bit from the kind of teasing I’d normally do, because I just felt they wouldn’t understand me.

However I can’t complain too much. Within my first 38 approaches I got 4 dates and a lay. The remaining 20 approaches I did however amounted to nothing, except an Italian I banged on the last night as a sport fuck as I had enormous blue balls from all my other leads flaking on me. She won’t go on my spreadsheet.

I didn’t get a single date with a Polish girl. I definitely didn’t expect this before I came. Despite having about 10 of them in my phone at one point, they all fell off of their own choosing, or because I rescheduled on them repeatedly which caused them to fall off. I also had some bad luck with logistics, i.e. girls who were only staying in Warsaw for 1-2 days and already had plans or other blockers that just got in the way. It was very frustrating at times.

Ukranian Lay

I would give this girl a 7 or 7.5. Upon first seeing her in the mall I gave her an easy 8 – she was hot in a very obvious way and was getting lots of looks from passers by, but I think she’s had a bit of work done (lips and nose), which takes girls down a peg in my estimation. She was slim, petite, but with very sizeable tits and ass, and very nice eyes. She was 24, had modelled in the past for a few magazines (I won’t name which) and was also a minor TV personality in Ukraine. I approached her in the mall on my 5th day – my last approach of the day, and she started beaming instantly. Her friend watched the whole thing from over my shoulder, as did another daygamer – a Polish guy who had front-stopped me earlier that day (see below).

Her English was above average for a Ukrainian v.s. the others I’d spoken to, and I teased her that despite the fact she was having English lessons in Warsaw, I was a far better teacher and I would show her over a drink sometime. We texted back and forth in the subsequent days and eventually she agreed to meet. 

She suggested a club, SEN, which did look like a good venue, but I’ve taken girls to a club at the end of a first date before and it’s nearly always a bad idea. I generally hate nightclubs anyway. After consulting with my wing, he agreed I should put my foot down and tell her we would do a bar instead. I did and she accepted. We met at the cocktail bar Max & Dom on Nowy Swiat – a decent place I frequented throughout the week. On the night, I thought she’d be a no-show, but she eventually turned up, 30 minutes late, looking sexy as fuck in stiletto heels with her tits practically bursting out of a red corset. She had arrived in Warsaw several weeks before but was going between there and Kiev quite often. On the date she was drinking quickly (great sign) and after 3 cocktails, I said there was a great rooftop bar nearby I wanted to show her. She complied. We walked down the street with her moving gingerly in very high heels. Lots of people were watching us. 

When we got to the rooftop bar we sat in a corner and about 20 minutes in, after another whisky, I made my move and she complied, lots of deep kissing immediately. It was near closing, and she said her friend had the key for her apartment, so she’d need to come and meet her at the hotel to get it. I knew the clock was ticking therefore. I said ok, but in the meantime let’s go ‘down here’ (not specifying where). We went down 1 floor and I took her into my room. She seemed fine with this, and I sat with her on the bed watching Ukraine’s entry for the Eurovision song contest. From there I started peeling off her clothes and sucking her tits. I was basking in the moment, it felt like a significant win. Eventually I got down to my boxers and put her hand on my dick. She pulled them down and put it in her mouth and started sucking with an unexpected enthusiasm. I pulled her over to the edge of the bed and slid inside her and she was LOUD. Probably the loudest girl I’ve ever fucked. We fucked 3-4 times that night and at times I had to put my hand fully around her mouth to get her to stop screaming. 

The funniest moment was when there was a loud knock on the door. We both stopped and realised it was her friend with the key. My girl asked ‘How did you know it was this room?’ (she had only told her the floor, not which number I was in). ‘Because I could hear your screaming from the elevator.’

A bit like this, but hotter

Other dates

In the days after the Ukranian lay I also went on a date with another Ukranian model and another who was not a model by trade per say, but had modelled previously and had her own lingerie line. It is a pretty good endorsement of Warsaw that I could get facetime with girls of this level in quick succession. When would that happen in London? Not often. Fortunately the competition in Poland didn’t seem so stiff. These girls were definitely better than me in the looks department, so it was good experience / practice for me to be on dates with them.

In Warsaw I definitely made a point of pushing myself to approach girls above my SMV – which is something I’ve often struggled to do in London and has been a big psychological hurdle that I’ve always had since I started daygame – I’ve always felt a lack of worthiness around the hotter ones and this trip helped me to challenge that. It probably all goes back to all the blackpill content I used to consume which basically says ‘If you are X / 10 facially, you cannot approach girls who are X / 10’. In my case I’ve always felt that girls who are 8s (to me, subjectively) are ‘off limits’. In daygame this is of course a toxic mindset, and is one that I am gradually chipping away at. There’s no sense limiting yourself.


The next Ukrainian was a mid 20s blonde who I stopped in the mall (again) – around an 8 (to my taste) and even though the conversation was really boring, she responded earnestly to my texts. Day of the date came and I suggested the same venue, but she demanded I come and pick her up (because that’s what men do in Ukraine apparently – conservative culture and all that). She also asked me to send a photo of my ID to confirm my age as she wanted to make sure I was the ‘right fit’ age-wise. She was a bit of a princess throughout the date and was probably used to men kissing her ass, so I did a lot of teasing throughout and took her off her pedestal a bit. I’m not sure if she was a timewaster or not. Perhaps if I’d had another week or 2 there it could’ve converted to a lay, but I’m not sure. She had only recently come to Poland from Ukraine and did seem understandably upset by the situation, bless her. It struck me how many millions of peoples’ lives had been turned upside down just because of the actions of one balding Russian manlet.

One of the other Ukrainian girls (early 20s, lingerie brand one) I dated was also a near miss. Hot, great smile and very emotive eyes. I stopped her on one of the last days with my wing walking up towards the Old Town – she was here with her parents but had recently been in Dubai, so I teased her about being an influencer-type. She didn’t find my teasing funny, but she did respond to my texts, so we went out that night (AGAIN to the same venue, because I’m a lazy cunt). The date started a bit frosty, she had her arms crossed, didn’t drink much and seemed a bit standoffish, but I pressed on and maintained a very upbeat attitude, and eventually she started opening up. I caught myself worrying that the date wasn’t going well, but I cut off those thoughts as best I could before they could start to affect my vibe and sabotage things. I bounced her to the rooftop bar, and she started to seem very keen, but I didn’t read her signs correctly, and despite us eventually kissing and a lot of touching, which culminated with me kissing her neck and putting my hand down her top by the elevator, I didn’t feel like it was REALLY on (idiocy), and I therefore stupidly assumed it’d be safer to try and get her out again and bang her on a second date. I cut my losses and took her down to the hotel lobby. Down there, I soon realised she’d probably have fucked me if I’d persisted more upstairs and escalated harder / pulled her to the room. But it was too late, I’d already ordered her Uber and the moment had passed. I never saw her again. It was then, or never, and I fucked it up. 

If I’d have played things a bit smarter, I feel I could’ve definitely have gotten an extra lay besides her as well – a Pole I met on Chmielna, late 20s (‘IT’S NOT GAME BRO’) who was very keen over text, but alas, I wasn’t smart, and do not have good game, as Roy Walker can confirm. 


For the first few days of the trip I struggled to get good volume in. Even though just the day before I’d done around 9 approaches in London, for some reason, in Warsaw, the spotlight effect kicked in extremely hard as soon as I left my hotel, and I really struggled to get going. Day 1 I did a couple of approaches that were both harsh blowouts. Day 2 was slightly better, I managed 5 approaches in the morning, but I knew it still not enough – 3 of the 5 were harsh blowouts again. I ran into Roy near the shopping area and said I was struggling to get involved, but that I knew I should throw myself in and stop being a faggot. He agreed that I was being a faggot. Alas, in London I’d never had this many bad reactions in a row, and I was starting to get a bit wigged out about it. I was feeling more like I was annoying girls than adding value – the exact opposite of what you want to feel. I was reflecting on this (and what I should do differently) when Costello the Kid saw me on the street, and said hello. We then had an impromptu session together which was good fun, and I finally started getting into actual conversations, rather than being blown out constantly. Costello did some good stops and it was motivating to see someone else actually getting beyond the first 10 seconds and getting into good conversations, making the girls laugh and doing well (which I couldn’t seem to do), so my vibe started to lift a bit. I got a couple of leads.

Wolfe arrived a few days into my trip and that also helped me get into the swing of things. It was only on day 4 that things started coming together. I went out that morning with him and the first 4 approaches I did I got 4 contacts. Over the first week or so I did 48 on my own or winged with Wolfe, who was great to hangout with throughout the trip, and then another 10 with Roy Walker coaching me on the last day. I got about 3 or 4 contacts from this day with Roy, but they were all for nout, as I was leaving.

Most days I got up about 12pm, grabbed food and then started approaching, usually going for about 3 hours, then a break, then another 3-5 hours. There was tons of volume so that was never an issue. 

On some of the evenings I met with Roy and his mates (several of whom were Warsaw-based) for beers, and Wolfe did the same when he arrived later in the week. We also met Mr Pink who was a good laugh, and it was fun exchanging daygame anecdotes / experiences with him and the group. It was a really fun atmosphere and all the guys in Warsaw were very welcoming and easy to get along with. No PUA-type weirdos at all (although… that’s probably me).

It was knackering, and utterly surreal, but a lot of fun. It’s been hard to adjust being back in the UK, going from daygaming all day in a foreign city and coming back to the regular 9-5 grind at home. I completely tuned out from work and my regular life while I was in Warsaw – it felt like a dream. I can now totally see why guys who daygame as a serious hobby (or even job) leave the UK so often.

Coaching with Roy Walker

On the last day of the trip to Warsaw I had a few hours to kill until my flight, and though I felt like utter shit from days of poor sleep and the odd bit of boozing, I decided to take up Roy on the offer of infield coaching. I had wanted to do this in London earlier in the year but didn’t feel up to it at the time, so this was a good chance to get involved. We met on Nowy Świat and did a 2-hour session in which I did 10 approaches. Roy had plenty of immediate feedback for me: 

  • I was talking too fast.
  • I wasn’t spiking enough.
  • I was giving them too many reasons to eject, including often starting the conversation with ‘I hope you speak English?’ This gave them an easy out / excuse to walk off. 
  • I was still doing ¾ stops instead of full front stops too often. 
  • I was ejecting too early from most of the conversations, even though sometimes I was getting IOIs in the conversation which showed the girl would have continued. I think this was related to me finding the English level quite hard to work with.

He listened in to all the conversations live via WhatsApp which was a great shout as well. 

I’d definitely recommend getting coaching with Roy if you’re in Poland, because he’s been there and done it – he’s banged plenty of girls from daygame and knows his stuff and doesn’t sugarcoat his advice. He can also hold his drink. I cannot. 

Cherry wine. Tasty.

Foreigner Arbitrage? 

I don’t think there’s a big halo effect from being a foreigner here. The local girls don’t really give a fuck. Other guys might feel differently, but I think that even though you might get the odd extra IOI here and there, many of these will be false positives where the girl is just a bit intrigued, not necessarily attracted. As Wolfe pointed out to me, Poland has been an EU member state for nearly 2 decades – most of the young girls will therefore be used to seeing foreigners around the place, whether here for business or pleasure, or daygame. They might be interested in that you’re from London, or wherever, but many of them might have relatives in the UK already, or have been there on holiday, and are not overly bothered. Don’t go as a foreigner expecting it to be a total walk in the park. It probably won’t be. Maybe if you’re more exotic that could help, but I’ve honestly got no idea… Interestingly I did see one tall, well dressed East Asian fella here several times throughout the week around the city, who seemed to be with a new girl each time I saw him. He was very well dressed (think Zara model catalogue, not typical Daygame attire) and was clearly playing up the K-pop niche massively, and the girls he was with looked young and very alternative so I guess that’s his niche.

In terms of blowouts, I got nearly as many of these in Warsaw as I do in London. I totally disagree with the notion that girls in Warsaw are much friendlier and less prone to give blowouts. Maybe this was because I got a bit lazy and did a few side / 3-quarter stops on the first few days and my vibe was very flat as I felt quite a lot of anxiety on day 1 and day 2 from being in a relatively new city.

I also did zero nightgame here and zero online dating. I got a few matches but none of them replied to me. I’d be interested to see what the clubs were like and whether the foreigner effect is a bit more pronounced there, but I couldn’t be bothered to go out most nights. 

In terms of the contact details, I got a slightly better ratio. About half were instagram, and half were WhatsApp. If you go to Warsaw you should be prepared to share your insta with a lot of girls you approach here because that seems to be the default method for a good chunk of them. Make sure it’s half decent before you go! While I got slightly more contacts, the majority of them were meaningless and went nowhere, even after texting for 3-4 days. Again, given the fact my conversations with at least 25 of the girls were under 2 minutes in length, this is therefore unsurprising. I definitely wasn’t at ‘my best’ during my time in Warsaw, conversation-wise. My game was worse. My Instagram is also shit, which probably did hurt me given most of the girls I got IG’s from had 10k+ followers, or even 100k+. 

Other daygamers

Yes, there are many other guys here. I saw about 15 of them over the course of the 10 days (not including the aformentioned guys I was introduced to here). I also saw some others who may have been daygamers (the signature jacket, construction boots, dodgy jewellery, awkward scanning of the environment, etc), but I couldn’t be totally sure. Everyone knows what’s going on here and I’m sure the girls are aware too – the mall, as we noticed, seemed pretty burned. On an average day you can expect to see a small group of guys sat outside the Costa Coffee on the ground floor of the mall, scanning for targets.

In fact, on around my 5th day, as I was saying goodbye to Roy Walker on Chmielna, I saw a girl in bright blue jeans walking up the street on the phone. I stopped her and got her off the phone to her cousin and ran a very good set, probably my only REALLY good one of the whole trip actually (sadly, after I canceled on dates with her twice to chase a Ukranian instead, I lost the lead). Straight afterwards, as I walked back down the road, a guy appeared in my peripheral vision and said, ‘Hey man, that was daygame, wasn’t it?’ At first I wasn’t sure whether to engage him or not, but I knew he knew the deal, so I said yes, and we ended up hanging out for an hour walking around Warsaw.

He said there were also a fair few local Polish guys doing it as well, but that most of them were awful. I only saw one that confirmed this. It was a fat fella dressed in what looked like a potato sack (T-shirt about 4 sizes too big for him), running after a hot girl near Nowy Swiat. He got in front of her while she was in the middle of crossing the road instead of waiting for her to cross, and got extremely close (it looked like centimetres between them), completely freaking her out. He tried to deliver his opener while gesticulating like a spastic or recent escapee from a mental asylum. Before he could even finish saying hello, she let out a huge huff and said ‘NO!’ and shuddered, walking away, looking justifiably angry. He trotted on, looking strangely pleased with himself and clearly oblivious to the fact he had just burned a perfectly good set for someone else. I believe James Tusk and Troy Francis are running a bootcamp in the city in June, so anyone heading to Warsaw in June can expect to witness…. err…. many such situations occurring throughout the month, which might make daygame a bit harder for the rest of the guys there. Now, I am NOT saying I’m an expert at this, because I’m not, and I get blown out loads and have shit conversations all the time as well – everyone who did sets with me in Warsaw can attest to this! BUT I’ve not often been that level of retard and I don’t usually make women throw their hands up in despair. Try not to be one of those guys if you go to Warsaw. It’s a small city and you will get noticed. 

So yes, the daygame routes are well-worn – make no mistake, particularly in the early evenings at the mall, but many guys here are making extremely basic mistakes with things like their fashion and grooming, i.e. wearing ill-fitting / mis-matched clothing (which, by the way, is a thing you just cannot afford to get wrong in 2022 when approaching hot girls). At the end of the day, if a girl likes you, I believe it won’t matter much that she already got approached just before, but it’s just something to be aware of. 

A couple of lessons I took away from the trip

I think I should’ve front-loaded my approaches on the first couple of days of the trip. Doing 30 in 2 days might sound like a lot but it would’ve set me up really well for the remainder of my time there. However on this trip it took me 4-5 days to get the necessary volume in, which just isn’t good enough. I only started setting up dates half way through the trip.

Going for 14 days on a trip like this (instead of 8-10) also might be a good idea. Obviously you can’t be day gaming all that time. Maybe you could do 5 days of daygame, then 2 days totally off, then 3-4 more days the following week. Many may disagree, but I just think that the more time you give yourself the less pressure you’ll feel and the more time you’ll have to relax and get girls out.

Going out and walking around for at least 5+ hours per day every day for 10 days, even while not always actively approaching, was fucking tiring. By day 7, after being out on several dates and drinking basically every night as well, I was starting to feel a bit tweaked. 


I had great fun in Warsaw and I’d definitely consider going back one day. I’d do things a bit differently, mainly in terms of front-loading the approaching as mentioned, escalating a bit harder on dates, and staying a little longer overall.

Cheers for reading. 

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